Hope your 2015 has gotten off to a nice start.
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Think how cool it would be to receive a custom painting from a photo as a wedding gift! I can paint the couple to be's preferred landscape scenery or garden and personalize the back panel.

Fresh, simple and poetic, a personalized painting is perfect in an intimate corner of a sitting room, library, or kitchen. It also makes a great gift for many occasions: housewarming gift, birthday gift, anniversary, you name it!

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Umbria, the Poor Man's Tuscany, You Can Live Like a King
By Anthony Faiola, Washington Post:

Umbria vs. Tuscany: Which Region Should You Travel to?
By Walks of Italy

A Working Vacation on an Umbrian Farm
By Henry Alford, New York Times:

Frescoes and Festivals in an Umbrian Town (Gubbio)
By Nell Casey, New York Times

Great news: I have started auctioning off my landscape paintings on Ebay so as to make room for new ideas and space in 2015. 

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Auction prices are starting at just $49.00.
I will be uploading a new painting each day, so stay tuned. 

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I love simplicity & quality and I embed these values in my paintings by using only the finest Italian oil paints and supports.  When you purchase a Barragan Painting, you are buying a timeless original that will last for generations.  Each painting is signed on the front & back and sold with a Certificate of Authenticity.  

Still life flower paintings

Hand painted trinket boxes

High quality digital prints

Flower Still Life Paintings

* testo in Italiano in fondo

Here's a little collection of views and paintings from around Porchiano del Monte in Umbria, a small Fraction of Amelia in the Province of Terni located in Southern Umbria.  It is 463 meters above sea level and sits atop a hill surrounded by woods and countryside.  Located just 15 minutes from the Rome-Firenze motor route and the Attigliano train station. It's a beautifully peaceful place to spend a relaxing holiday.

Autumn under foot.

The town door.

One foggy autumn morning.
The autumn light is magical.
Remembering a Summer landscape.
The local landscape.

* E' una frazione di Amelia, in provincia di Terni, nell'Umbria meridionale. Si trova ad una altitudine di 463 metri sul livello del mare, su una collinetta tra boschi e campagna. Porchiano è raggiungibile facilmente dall'Autostrada del Sole, uscita Attigliano, dalla linea ferroviaria Roma - Firenze, stazione di Attigliano, oppure dalla Statale Amerina che collega Amelia con Orvieto. E' un luogo ideale per trascorrere vacanze piacevoli in un ambiente di incomparabile bellezza.

I'm very excited about offering Custom Oil Paintings this Fall. Just think how exciting it would be great to receive a custom painting of your home, the church you where you were married in or even the picturesque town where you got engaged.  I enjoy working with different clients from various countries and cultures and am always curious and surprised by their requests.  

I love simplicity and quality and I embed these values in my paintings by using only the finest Italian oil paints & supports.  When you purchase a Barragan Painting you're buying a timeless original that will last for generations.  Visit my Custom Painting section in my Etsy Shop.

I've always loved boxes and have recently started to produce a series of Hand Painted Wood Boxes.  I'm inspired by the typical Italian marble decoration of Scagliola that would often include landscape inserts.  These round wood boxes are decorated using traditional Italian materials such as lacquer, oil paints, crimson, faux gold & silver leaf.  They are perfect little gifts for a special person that appreciates beauty and quality.  Have a look at my Hand Painted Boxes in my Etsy Shop

I'm happy to announce that I will be giving an Autumn Travel Sketchbook Workshop at the Abbazia Sette Frati in Piegaro, near Perugia.  

I met the Sposini cousins last December when they invited me to participate in their artisan market. With such a beautiful Abbey, how could I resist!

3 hour Workshop includes:
- introduction to basic sketching and watercolor technique 
- travel watercolor set brush, pencil & pen
- sketchbook

Cost: €45 per person
Schedule: 3pm to 6pm

To reserve your spot contact:
Annalisa Sposini cell. +39 347 9453188

Facebook link to the Workshop event.

Abbazia Sette Frati a Piegaro, Perugia (Umbria)

Sono molto contenta di annunciare che organizzo un Laboratorio di Disegno nella Natura presso l'Abbazia Sette Frati a Piegaro, Perugia.  

Ho conosciuto le cugine Sposini lo scorso dicembre quanto mi invitarono a partecipare al loro mercato artigianale.  Che posto incantevole l'Abbazia!  Come potevo resister?

Il Laboratorio di 3 ore include:
- introduzione a delle tecniche di base dello schizzo ed acquerello
- set d'acquerelli da viaggio con pennellino, matita e penna
- album da disegno

Orario: 15,00 - 18.00
Costo: €45 a persona

Per prenotare, contattare:
Annalisa Sposini
cell. +39 347 9453188

Pagina Facebook del Laboratorio

Abbazia Sette Frati a Piegaro, Perugia (Umbria)
I'm enjoying painting in the low Autumn light.
Do you like red onions too?

These pomegranates 
aren't quite ready 
to be painted yet.
backstage Green Grapes

What's your favorite fruit? 

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All paintings will be available 
in my Etsy Shop in about 3 weeks.
Living in Umbria certainly has it's perks and Septembers are often warm during the day, it's an invitation to paint outdoors.  This little lake is just about 2km from Porchiano del Monte and YES it is really peaceful.
There's something about these Italian country roads that I am really attracted to.  I suppose every story starts on a road to somewhere.

Have you ever walked down an Italian country road? Please leave a comment below.
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The above paintings will be available in my Etsy Shop in approximately 3 weeks.

The end of August brings many fruits such as figs & plums.  I love eating them while I paint, maybe it helps to 'fully' understand them.

This must have been the 3rd basil plant that I bought this summer.  They seemed to have wilted or drooped. Perhaps it's the weather or just simply my brown thumb!

These paintings will be available in my Etsy Shop in about 3 weeks.
 *traduzione in Italiano in fondo
End of Summer in Umbria means that you've got quite a bit of fruit and vegetables on your hands.  

My friend Angelika, who has an enchanting b&b, invited me to pick her plums and make jam promising that it would be VERY easy. To my surprise, it actually was!  Below is the recipe.

Casa Angelica B&B near Amelia in Umbria, Italy.

Two pounds of fruit yields about this much prune jam.

Prune Jam Recipe:
1. wash & cut 2 lbs. prunes into little pieces and put in a tall pot.

2. mix together fruit pectin (i used Fruttapec to speed up the process) with 2 cups sugar and add to fruit.

3. boil fruit for at least 3 minutes at high flame, mixing constantly.

4. move pot away from heat and mix for 1 min. or until foam has dissolved.

5. put boiling fruit into sterilized glass jars, close & turn over. 
leave for 5 minutes.  Wait 30-40 days before consuming. 

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*Qui in Umbria a fine estate, come in tutta la penisola ci si dedica a fare marmellate e conserve.  La mia amica Angelika mi ha invitato a cogliere le sue prugne e a fare marmellata.  Mi ha promesso che sarebbe stato facile da fare e aveva ragione. 
Un kilo di frutta rende questa quantità di marmellata.

Ricetta per fare marmellata di prugne:
1. mondare e tagliare a pezzettini 1 kg. di prugne e mettere in una pentola alta.

2. mescolare assieme Fruttapec (per velocizzare) con 500g. di zucchero e aggiungerlo a freddo alla frutta.

3. portare ad ebollizione e bollire per almeno 3 minuti a fiamma alta mescolando costantemente.

4. togliere la pentola dalla fiamma e mescolare per un minuto o fino a sciogliere la schiuma.

5. mettere la frutta bollente nei vasi sterilizzati, chiudere e capovolgere per 5 minuti.  Aspettare 30-40 giorni prima di consumare. 

As the Summer winds down over here in Italy, I've got good news:
Barragan Paintings is now on Society6.

This means that if you enjoy my paintings, you can now purchase them as totes, mugs, mobile device covers and more.  Visit my Society6 shop and see for yourself.

A couple of weeks ago a dear friend of mine, Serena and I came up with a fun way of gaining visibility for our art.  

 Tired of the traditional local markets where people were more inclined to buy sausages & pecorino than watercolor illustrations and oil paintings, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Serena came up with the idea of #AcquaeOlio: water(color) & oil(painting). Having owned a herbalist shop for around 13 years she knew the importance and value of having an attractive shop window.  So her idea was to research and find cultural festivals in Umbria and subsequently find shop owners willing to showcase our art.  

Sounds easy? It wasn't!  But we did it, together. 

We will be in Orvieto at Ornella Frosoni's Florist under the Portici Sant'Andrea from August 14 to the 23.  If you're in the area, stop by and receive a free gift with your purchase.

Stay tuned for more event dates and cities throughout Umbria.

In the meantime, visit Serena's Shop here.  She paints delicate watercolor mandalas using natural dyes, teas & elements.
It's been raining cats, dogs and sheep lately in central Italy so being able to paint outdoors has become a real challenge.  I live in the area around Amelia in Umbria.  It's one of Italy's most beautiful regions.

Recently the Washington Post called "Umbria, the poor man's Tuscany where you can live like a king".  It's a truthful article and sums up some of the reasons why I decided to live in this region.

Are you thinking of traveling to Umbria? You may just want to visit Amelia and experience one of my Travel Sketchbook Workshops.
Contact me: cbcaridad@gmail.com 
"Behind Porchiano del Monte"

"The Back Road to Amelia"

"White Oleandre from Porchiano"

These paintings will be available in my Etsy Shop in about 3 weeks.

Having lived in Umbria for the past 8 years, I've gotten to know this region quite well and would like to share my top 5 blog & blogpost picks for Summer 2014 with you. 

I can't decide which one is my favorite.  All I know is that each blog is full of quality information and photos regarding Umbrian food, wines, artisan crafts & traditions, and travel destinations.


Umbria on the Blog  is written by the Umbrian Tourist Confederation whose posts are all about having you live your best Umbrian experience.  Local town festivities, nature parks and sports are just some of the posts you'll read about. 

Discovering Umbria is a brother and sister travel tour team that blog about the beauty, traditions and tastes of Umbria.  Lovely photos and unique destinations to visit throughout the region. 

Culture Discovery Vacation Blog is written by a husband & wife team. They are funny, insightful and know Italy like the back of their hand. Click on the link to discover the "7 Things Americans can Learn from Italians". 

Umbria Lovers Blog is written by a couple who work in the tourist industry.  They are passionate about what they write and give you a rare insider's view to experiencing this beautiful region.  

Walks of Italy This blog is about Italy in general, however check out this blog post that explains some subtle but important differences between Umbria and Tuscany.

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